• Fats are an essential part of the diet but too much intake is harmful to the health. Cooking fats contains saturated, Mono – or Poly – unsaturated fatty acids in varying proportions.
  • The different cooking oils have been classified in to three groups depending on the type of fatty acids present in them.
  • Use Mono unsaturated or poly unsaturated oils and avoid saturated fats. It is advisable to use only 2-4 tsp of cooking oil per day (not more than 25% of the calories should be from the fats.
SaturatedPoly saturatedMono unsaturated
Coconut oilCornPeanut (Groundnut)
DaldaGingerly (till)
Blended vegetable oil
Milk and milk productsSkim milk and its products Low fat milk and its products Cheese with less than 10% fat eg. Cottage cheese, panneerWhole milk and its products All cheese and cheese spreads, cream, ice-cream, pudding etc Condensed milk, burfi, peda
Meat, fish, poultry, pulses (maximum 240 g per day)Fish, chicken (skin removed) Egg white (egg yolk 1 or 2 per week) All pulses and dhal (eg. Peas, soya, lentils)All shellfishes like Prawns, lobsters, oysters, shrimps clams etc, Red meats like mutton, beef, pork ,Organ meats like liver, heart, brain and kidney,Processed meats such as sausages, ham bacon ,Egg yolk, pickled meat and fish, canned fish
Vegetables and fruitsAll fruits and vegetablesFruits and vegetable fried or prepared in butter or mayonnaise or cheese Oil added pickles, fruit-avocado
Cereals and breadsAll cereals like rice, wheat, ragi, cornflakes, oats, rava etcButter Nan, paratta, poori, batura, ghee roast, biriyani, fried rice ghee, rice, coconut rice, fried papads
Fats and oils (max 2-4tsp per day)All mono unsaturated and poly unsaturated oilsButter ghee, hard margarines Vanaspathi, dalda Blended vegetable oil Coconut oil, palm oil
SoupsHome made and fat free soupsCommercial soups, soup cubes
Nuts and oilseedsUse coconuts in less amountCoconut milk Nuts like groundnuts Badam, cashewnuts
SweetsJam jelly, honey sugar, Custard and pudding made with skim or low fat milkIce cream chocolates, doughnuts Cakes, pastry, Indian sweets made with ghee or dalda Sweets made with coconut and coconut milk eg payasam Biscuits prepared with cheese cashew

Note:- For reference

  • 1 cup  = 150 ml capacity
  • 1 glass  =200 ml capacity
  • 1 teaspoon =5 gm

Diet plan for low fat and low cholesterol:-

Early morning :-
Tea (1 cup)/ Warm water with lemon juice (1 glass)/ Green tea with ginger, Cinamon and honey (1 cup)

Breakfast :-
Low fat milk oats (1 cup)/ veg oats (1 cup)/ veg upma(1 cup)/ veg Vermicilli (1 cup)/ without Oil veg paratha with mix flour (2nos.)+ low fat curd/ low fat paneer or tofu Paratha without oil (2nos.)+ green chutney/ saute tofu with salt and Black pepper (1 cup) +Low fat milk with dates/ figs/ almond/ walnut/plan milk (1 glass)

Mid morning :-
Mix sprout (1 cup)/ fruit chart (50 gm)/ cut papaya (50 gm)/ whole apple with skin (1 medium size)/ Whole guava (1 medium size) + roasted flax seed (1 tsp)

Sprout salad/ green salad (1 cup)+ Mix flour chapati without ghee (2-3nos.)+ Veg rice without starch/ plain rice without starch(1/2 cup)+ Dal / Any beans (1 cup)+ Vegetables (1 cup) + Curd/ fruit raita/ veg raita/ butter milk (1 cup/ 1 glass)

Evening :-
Tea (1 cup) / Green tea with ginger, cinamon and honey (1 cup)/ warm water With Lemon and ginger (1 glass)+ Roasted chana (1/2 cup)/ roasted peanuts (1/2 cup)/ mumra (1/2 cup)/ mari biscuits (3-nos)/Protein Biscuits (3-4nos)

Dinner :-
Same as lunch

Night :-
Low fat cow milk with ginger or haldi (1 glass)/ cold milk shake with dates and figs (1 glass)